V838 - Monoceros constellation

A constellation is a group of stars that form a pattern in the sky. The shapes you see depend on your point of view. During ancient times, constellations were used for navigation and to tell stories.

In 1613, a unicorn appeared first on the celestial globe made by Petrus Kaerius. Monoceros, the name given to this constellation, is formed by stars, clusters, and nebulas.

In this way, the Monoceros project has been born to overcome uncertainty, connecting people with different knowledge and experiences. The project focuses on finding out patterns and creating effective solutions to real problems.

Monoceros works joining creativity and the latest technologies. Based on team's vision, strategy, and knowledge, delivering value incrementally.

Monoceros creates cutting-edge digital products that users need and generates new content that tells stories of inspiration and learning.


Monoceros is still a project in nebula phase, and we would like to hear from you.

If you have an idea, want to collaborate with us or have any suggestion, please contact us at


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